08 - 10 Dec 2020


The Exhibition Venue


Riyad International Convention & Exhibition Center (RICEC) is one of the facilities owned by Riyadh Chamber of Commerce and Industry. It is allocated for National and International trade Exhibitions, Conventions and Other Economical Events.

RICEC was constructed on several phases, included administrative, technical and marketing studies and physical visits. Riyadh Chamber of Commerce & Industry (RCCI) has entered into through those phases with specialized firms in different fields. It constituted committees and task forces to supervise their execution. The land area is 189,000 square meters (more than 2,000,000 square feet) having a rectangular shape extendign with a slight deviation from North to South.

RICEC was designed to resemble the physcal structure of the land (in length). RICEC building design with its 'wave form'roof and distinctive feature, is one of the architectural landmarks of Riyadh Cty.


Th Riyadh International Convention & exhibition Center (RICEC) is located on King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Road at Al Waha district.

It is only 15 minuted from King Khalid Inetrnational Airport along the Eastern Ring Road RICEC is accessible through different main roads. the nearest is exit 10 on the Eastern Ring Road. Also from Olaya Main Road along King Abdullah Road, to the East.


  • Exhibition Halls

The covered area is a column free 14644m2 (more than 157627 sqaure feet) and width of 75m Exhibtion Space, which conforms to International Exhibition Halls standards and practice. The main exhibition hall can be further divided into four (40 separate halls, with different sizes as required.

  • Outdoor Exhibition Area

It is located to the North of the covered Exhbition Halls on an area of 4626m2 (49793 square feet). It is distinguished for being closed to all service & entrances, VIP & its direct connection to the covered Exhibition Halls.

  • Conference Centre

The biggest art of the convention center Auditorium occupies the built-on 2 floors, with a capacity of 1000 audience. 200 seats in the upper part are reserved for ladies, with independent entrances and separate services and access from the parking.

  • VIP Lounge

The VIP building with an area of 1,600m2 (17217 square feet) provides reception, meeting guests facilities for VIP's and visiting dignitaries.

  • Main Concourse

Integrated services supporting the different kinds of events are available in all facilites of RICEC, the concourse connects the four buildings on the West to the Main exhibition halls; and provide locations for:

  • Reception office

  • Information

  • Organisers office

  • Restaurant

the restaurant os composed of a 2 floors having area of 1,600m2 (17217 square feet) in the gorund floor and 655m2 (more than 7000 square feet) on the first floor, serving RICEC visitors. Ground floor consists of buffet restaurants, Coffee shops, kitchen & other services. First floor consists of private dining rooms open buffet area and offices with service facilities.

  • Press Centre

RICEC Press Centre serves all events via a no. of modern furnishings & media services, as required.